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Sea Shell Sculpture

A magnificent Sea Shell Sculpture clustered with natural sea life. This shockingly impressive Queen Clam Shell Sculpture is perfectly suited for both Residential and Commercial locations.

• This Sculpture Is Custom Made to Order.
• Custom Sizes and Elements Used Can Be Modified For You
• 27” +/- 3” Width, 16” +/- 3” Depth, 18” +/- 3” Height
• Natural Clam Shells
• Natural Coral
• Swarovski © Crystals
•Stag Horn Coral
•Sea Glass
•Natural Sea Life
•White Opal Swarovski ® Crystals
• Designed and handcrafted in the USA

View this Sea Shell Sculpture Being Made:

Customization: Can be customized to your specification in terms of dimensions and any other desires.

Please send us a request for pricing, desired size and customized accents.
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Shipping will be billed separately.

This truly unique masterpiece is custom made per each order by Isabella Adams herself. A piece of artwork that is remarkable.

An Isabella Adams Limited Edition piece of art that anyone would treasure. Designed and Hand-Crafted in the USA.
As with all special orders and one of a kind pieces the color and essence may vary slightly from the photograph.

Custom order. Delivery time will vary.

Please note that all Luxurious Home Accents are custom made just for you. By placing your order you acknowledge, agree and accept that all our products fall under a no refund and a no cancellation policy. All sales are final.

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