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Bliss Fleur Groom's Cake Table Decor

The Bliss Fleur Groom's Cake Table Decor from Luxurious Wedding Accessories is the perfect way to decorate your Cake Table and include the Groom. The set is encrusted with Swarovski Crystals with a Fleur design.

The Bliss Fleur Cake Table Decor includes:
1. Bliss Fleur 5x7 Picture Frame
2. Bliss Fleur Champagne Flutes Set of 2: 3" Dia. x 10.5"High
3. Bliss Fleur Knife: 13.5"L x .75"W
4. Bliss Fleur Cake Server: 10.75"L x 2.75"W
5. Bliss Fleur Grooms Cake Plateau 12.75 Round x 2: High.
Each item in the Bliss Fleur Collection is shipped in individual Gift Boxes.

The Bliss Fleur Grooms Cake Plateau is the most glorious way to make your Groom feel special. Display your matching Fleur Flutes and Cake Set on the Cake Table next to your wedding cake and Grooms cake.

The Fleur design has hundreds of embedded Swarovski Crystals. Size: 13 inches in diameter. After the wedding continue to use as a base for your favorite vase, a dessert tray, a perfume tray and oh so many more creative uses! Removable glass top for easy cleaning.

The Bliss Fleur Cake Knife and Server Set is stunning and a perfect compliment to our Fleur Champagne Flutes. Estate jewelry inspiration in silver finished cast pewter with hundreds of hand-set clear Swarovski® crystals. Engraveable stainless steel blades. Sold as a Set.
Knife: 13.5"L x .75"W
Server: 10.75"L x 2.75"W

The Bliss Fleur Champagne Flutes are part of our Fleur Collection. Beautifully made with Estate jewelry inspiration with hundreds of hand-set clear Swarovski® crystals in cast pewter with silver finish. Sold in a Set of 2 Champagne Glasses. Gift Box included. Sized: 3" Dia. x 10.5"High

The Bliss Fleur Mirrored Display Tray has hand-set clear pave Swarovski Crystals that sparkle to the nines over a silver tone metal finish. Measures 12.75 Diameter x 2: High. The perfect companion to our Bliss Fleur Champagne Flutes and the Bliss Fleur Cake Cutting Set.

The Bliss Fleur Picture Frame Collection features hundreds of hand-set clear Swarovski® Crystals on a base of Pewter covered with a silver finish.
Fleur Frame fits size 5" x 7" photo.

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