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Swarovski Crystal Meditating Buddha Statue

This magnificent 18 inches tall Swarovski Crystal Meditating Buddha Statue is encrusted with over 20,000 crystals to create a unique presentation designed by Isabella Adams..

• Over 20,000 Premium Handset Crystals
• 12 inches Wide
• 18 inches Tall
• 9 inched in Diameter
• One of a Kind Limited Edition
• Comes with Custom Shipping Case
• Proudly Designed & Handcrafted in the USA.

This Isabella Adams' Original Buddha Statue is a Crystallized Meditating Buddha Sculpture. Bedazzled with over 20,000 handset Premium Crystals including Blue Zircon, Siam, Light Colorado, Topaz, and Jet.

The clothing colors represent **Blue**that is associated with purity and healing. It is believed, when meditating on this color, anger can be transformed into wisdom.
**Siam** is related to life force and preservation. In Buddhism, meditating
on the color red transforms the delusion of attachment into the wisdom
of discernment.

A statue of Buddha should face the East direction. Never place a Buddha statue in the bedroom or bathroom. Always keep the area around the statue sparkling clean.
Having a statue of Buddha at home can energize all the sectors of your life positively, strengthening all the weak aspects and enhancing positivity in your home. The ancient sciences of Feng Shui and Vastu both have a lot to say about the precise placement of the statue in your home, to optimize the chi or the flow of vital life energy within your home.

Never place the figure on the floor. It should always be on a pedestal and given the respect that the Master deserves. If the statue is being placed on a shelf, ensure that the shelf is not cluttered with items of less importance. Never place the statue next to a refrigerator or heavy storage cabinet as its energy will be reduced or blocked. Ensure that the statue is placed facing the inside of the room, and never looking outside.

This is an Isabella Adams Limited Edition piece of art that anyone would treasure. Signed and enclosed in an elegant Gift Box. Designed and Hand-Crafted in the USA.

Please note that all Luxurious Home Accents are custom made just for you. By placing your order you acknowledge, agree and accept that all our products fall under a no refund and a no cancellation policy. All sales are final.

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